December 13, 2016 — by Michael Clark

Southern California Presbytery is now 2 Presbyteries: SoCal and Mission Presbyteries

ECO is growing in Southern California. Growing so much that the Southern California Presbytery has become 2 presbyteries at the start of 2017. With about 40 churches spread out over so much of the lower portion of Southern California, this will help the churches in the 2 presbyteries to better work together and help each other in personal and accountable ways. The new MIssion Presbytery includes about 15 churches in what was the northern part of the SoCal Presbytery. They have been busy preparing a new set of leaders and teams. The remaining about 25 churches in the Southern California Presbytery will be reorganizing also with the division in leadership and churches.

This may not be the end of the growing pains of ECO in Southern California. New churches are preparing to join and new churches are being formed, spreading the boundaries of the Southern California Presbytery to the East and the South. ECO tries to keep its Presbyteries between 10 to 20 churches so they can work more easily together in relationships rather than with bureaucracies. As more churches join the Southern California Presbytery, this could lead to another split in the near future.

Watch for more information on this site as well with further developments in this exciting new spread to ECO Southern California. 

Michael Clark

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